Emilio Navaira tribute with San Antonio Symphony

January 29, 2019

Troy will conduct the San Antonio Symphony this week in a tribute to Tejano pop legend, Emilio Navaira. Writing in The Rivard Report, Nicholas Frank previewed the concert:

Peters conceived the idea for the tribute concert, just after the elder Emilio’s death in 2016. That same year, he got to know Diego and Emilio IV, then members of San Antonio indie pop band Buttercup, during work on a YOSA Live! performance of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

The idea for the eventual Symphony tribute performance just made sense, Peters said. “I know these guys, I know they sing their dad’s music. I know the San Antonio Symphony has a commitment to San Antonio, they want to do things that connect to the local scene.”

Together they selected songs the sons knew would be crowd favorites, and that Peters knew would be well-suited to the orchestra, which he said “gets to show off a little bit here and there, too” through his arrangements.

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