Rivard Report on Weston & Peters

September 22, 2017

As Youth Orchestras of San Antonio honored philanthropist and tech pioneer Graham Weston at the annual Standing Ovation Luncheon, Robert Rivard wrote in the Rivard Report about the passion for education and outreach that Troy and the honoree share:

Peters and Weston, in one sense, lead very different lives, one the artistic director of a nonprofit, the other the billionaire co-founder of Rackspace and Geekdom and real estate developer whose 80/20 Foundation fuels creatives, tech entrepreneurs, and downtown advocates and their work. The Rivard Report is one of many beneficiaries.

Yet Peters and Weston are more alike than people might realize. Both are passionate about education and the opportunity it can create where none otherwise exists. Both are passionate about their work and their community engagement, and self-aware of their roles as servant leaders for all of San Antonio.