“Stellar” Vermont Symphony concert

February 23, 2020

In the Barre Montpelier Times Argus, critic Jim Lowe published a rave review of Troy’s February 22 concert with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra:

Perhaps the Vermont Symphony Orchestra should dedicate all its concerts to John Williams or other pop composers? Or maybe it should invite Troy Peters, the Vermont Youth Orchestra’s stellar conductor 1995-2009, back again?

For the VSO’s presentation of “Star Wars and Beyond: The Music of John Williams,” Saturday at the Flynn Center, not only sold out, but received likely the loudest and most raucous response of any of its concerts in recent memory — throughout the program.

Part of that was undoubtedly the familiarity of the music to the all-ages audience. It didn’t hurt that Peters and the VSO delivered the John Williams experience, performing with real flair. (Peters suggested that most of the players, like him, grew up with “Star Wars.”)…

Sometimes symphony orchestras will slack off when playing music not meant for the concert hall, as if it were beneath them. But Peters and the VSO gave it their best and played their hearts out — and the audience responded in kind.